Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Into February and hoping for better weather

 It's finally February and tomorrow is when that groundhog will predict the weather. I must say, whatever he sees, it's been a dreary winter already. All this cold weather hasn't been pleasant as I end up at home and binge watch tv and eat too much. I'm ready for spring and warmer temperatures, to get outside and play in the dirt, where I can put down flowers, tomatoes, and a few zucchini plants, or summer squash. I need to walk, to burn up this weight I've gained since Covid hit. I sure hope that comes to an end soon. Just like this cold weather. We might get some sleet this week, on Thursday, along with rain. I cancelled my eye doctor appointment as I don't want to leave home to drive twenty five minutes into the city. I'll just stay home and watch it come down through the window. And stay warm. I hope this month isn't as dreary as the last. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll continue to edit and blog. It's good practice and keeps me away from binge watching tv and eating mindlessly. 

Saturday, January 29, 2022

A bit of intense humor

 Not mine, but gave me a good grin. However, my books are available in Kindle. Look for the Cross Passage Series.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Changes and learning how to reach out

 So many changes since my last post on Blog spot. Since then, I have wrote more books in The Cross Passage Series. Seven books total.  I have re-edited and made many revisions since then. Are they perfect? No. I have done a lot of learning along the way and technology has changed over the years, since I began this project. Definitely, the younger generation finds it easier to keep up with it, as I've learned from Facebook groups. I began this as a hobby, since nothing out there truly satisfied my book reading needs. I truly find it difficult to realize that most women are not flawed by their upbringing, or the partners they have chosen in life. Hence is why my books don't fit that romance category. However, I do believe that ultimately, as women, we all want that better outcome, and do many things to get there. Some good, some bad. Anyway, I have tried again and again to perfect what I've written and I am proud of the effort. And I re-visited this page to bring it to new life, with an email to capture subscribers, and to update them with information about my books. I have update some links and removed the old. That is progress right? So hopefully, this will be a way to communicate and recapture the passion I have with my books, and other things that are important to me, like work, kids (who are all grown now), and grand kids and pets. I will write here about my hobbies, such as gardening, music, and cooking. And continue to branch out with the series and perhaps begin others. It's my hope you will follow along and reach out to me too.