Sunday, January 23, 2011

Setbacks and willpower

I have suffered some minor setbacks getting back into exercising again. First of all, after all that holiday nibbling, I found I couldn't stop myself. There was still left over candies and snacks about the house or at work. I was just getting over a bad cough. I suppose my will power just went down the drain. Thank goodness for having friends going through the same issues. They help inspire you to do the right things again.

I've met a couple through my favorite diet website at . Here is a place you can simply load up a profile , enter your goals, and a time frame to reach your goal. It tabulates your calories burned through exercise and how much you've eaten each day, provided you log into it faithfully. Here is a forum of advice to help you meet your goals and a way to make new friends to support you through daily posts. My friend Nikki and Jen, who also live in Texas, struggle with the almost the same issues I do. they encouraged me to come back to log in my progress.

But again, fate threw at me an unexpected challenge- a pulled muscle in my back. After suffering with this since Wednesday morning, and I had assumed I got it from sleeping wrong on my lumpy old mattress, I finally sought medical help on Friday. After hearing my summary of symptoms, the doctor offered a shot for my back, a muscle relaxer and pain pills. Needless to say, it left me groggy and loopy all weekend. Also to my rescue was my dear husband, who went to Walmart to buy a massage pad to sit on, a medicinal patch to apply to my back, and a heating pad to put on my bed. Ahhhh, relief couldn't come soon enough. But I'm still on the mend and I want to take it easy in the next few days to come.

So exercise is on the back burner again, but it won't be for too long. I was making steady progress before this injury occurred and now my will power has been enticed with the success of seeing my blood sugars stabilize a bit more. So its my hope to get back to the gym and back to eating healthy every day. My long range goal is to lose another twenty pounds by summer and if I don't get with the program, summer will be here before we realize.

I know it will be an uphill battle to lose more weight. But with friends, and my youngest daughter's willingness to be my work out buddy, I think I can succeed my minor goals. We should all strive to set these goals and meet these challenges, for it just makes us stronger inside.