Saturday, December 3, 2011

Slamdunked in 2011

I don't know where to begin, but if I were a basketball in the game of life, I just got slamdunked in 2011. The events that happened to me were in a series of Kapow- Kapow - Kapow!! One, two, three: castrophes, chaos, or just life in general. Let's see.... what things occurred to make my world rocky to keep me from blogging? Well, back in Feb / March / April, both my mom and my oldest daughter were ill enough to get into the hospital. My mom had issues with her blood pressure. When she went in, my stepdad went to a nursing home as he had dementia. Then when my mom recovered, she moved into my house and my youngest daughter moved to her place. What an ordail of switching out furniture, getting a storage for my mother's things, and just the hassle of cleaning up at both places. Meanwhile, my daughter, in another state, had setbacks with her kids & spouse getting the crud/colds/sore throats, over and over again, enough to wear her immunity down to acquire walking pneumonia; and then on top of that a type of menigitis. Luckily it wasn't the type that could kill someone, but it was a terrible illness to endure. So I flew out to help take care of the kids, spouse, pets, her household, and especially my daughter. She got through it all (barely), with love and prayers, thank goodness. But we couldn't catch a break! In May, my stepfather died of natural causes and his funeral was a stressfull event. We didn't get along with his relatives in the first place. At the service, they didn't treat my mother very well or my family, so to endure the ceremony was bittersweet. I didn't get a chance to really mourn for my stepfather as i should have because of the ill will I had felt, but he was a good man to my mom while he lived and my children's "grampa". May he rest in peace. Now that my oldest felt better, on her first outing, she wound up in a car wreck. Totaled her car and broke a bone in her hand. My youngest granddaughter lost her bottom teeth, the same ones she had been born with! yet, you gotta be thankful things weren't any worse. The vehicle can be replaced, but not human lives. In the summer, she then decided to fly down with her toddler and visit for three weeks. What joy! We played in the pool; we talked a lot; we celebrated her 32nd birthday; we went to the zoo and visited San Antonio for a couple of days. It was terrific!!And I think she really had fun. I love being a Nana and playing with MJ. She is such a beautiful child. Smart, cute. Can't you tell I'm partial? LOL.. and these memories will last long in my heart. But soon, they flew home, back to their normal lives and I looked forward (nervously) to going back to school. This is my third attempt going to college. So when fall came, I began my psychology and american literature classes. Doing homework again has been a challenge; plus quizzes and research papers. The weeks have flown by. I've learned a lot and I find myself learning things, a bit harder but things are sticking to my braincells. LOL.. but the semester is drawing near and in two weeks, I will take exams. It is my hope to have done well in these classes and I believe I have. :) There was one major challenge that loomed over everything all year long that I haven't mentioned and that was chaos at work. I love my job and try to do the work exediently and correctly. Let's just say that another key player wasn't up to par on her work ethic and was let go. WE got overtime to clean things left undone and I must admit the extra money was great, but it wore me out trying to keep up with long hours I put in. Soon, we interviewed a great candidate and she was hired. Then the training began and I have been doing my best to teach her well, for we want her to stay a long time. Lucky for us, the work she finds interesting and challenging. And we get along great. So here it is... the middle of December... and I'm finally blogging again. Like I said, this year has been hard on me. I did forget to mention that around the 4th of july, I lost my favorite dogs, Tiny & Bella, within days of each other. Bella snuck out the yard and wondered down to a busy road. She was struck by a car. And Tiny had crawled under a neighbors fence and was mauled by his pit bulls. Horrid to see their frail bodies in this manner after their accidents. Yet I held them in my arms and witnessed their last breaths. My kids were so sad. My hubby just as heartbroken. We buried them on the side of my house- the graveyard of all our pets, it seems. The house didn't seem the same without them. Things were too quiet and it was difficult to come home without them greeting us. So within a month, we bought to puppies. Now, I do love playing with them; seeing their burst of playful energy and personalities take over our household. It will take time to build up a strong bond again, but they are not Bella or Tiny. Those special dogs will live in my heart forever and I can't wait to see them again when/if I reach heaven. I think with all that's happened, it was difficult for me to write on my own projects. My 3rd manuscript lays in a drawer and it needs much revision. I'll get to it, but don't know exactly when. There will be a short break over Christmas, but in January I will return to school again, taking biology and a speech class this time. Will the new year go by just as fast? I wonder. My only hope is that 2012 will be much kinder to my family. My hope is that all my friends and family will stay healthy and happy. I hope that love warms their souls and that their love ones will bring them inspiration and great memories. Let's all pray for a terrific 2012 and that God's love will keep us safe within his arms. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my family and friends.