Saturday, July 24, 2010

First 30 days update

Update on my first 30 day diet/exercise challenge

As of Wednesday, July 21st, 2010:

Ok, my weight this afternoon: 202 on the scale. I lost five pounds from my last visit. Patrick is the pharmacologist who sees me on a month to month basis to help me analyze my diet, medications, and exercise since I'm diabetic. It's part of a medication management program and it has helped me a lot.

My AIC is still up, but on my last visit the level was 9.8 and now it is 9.2. He expects as long as I continue to exercise, this level will go down further. And he said I was on target for my daily average glucose readings by 40 % versus the 8% I did last month.

He was very proud of me and I was too. He wrote "great job" on his comment sheet.

I wished I had lost more weight but what I have done so far is very encouraging. It does prove how exercise and watching what you eat does make a difference. Whoooo Hooo!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

First results in my new regime are awesome

Just checking in:

I went to see Marty, my doctor's physician assistant, for my regular checkup yesterday. He asked how I was doing and I couldn't wait to fill him in of my finally getting with the program: to eat sensibly and exercise at the gym. I told him I was about three weeks into it and have already seen changes with my glucose numbers. Of course, he was pleased and went to look over my lab values. However, the lab had made a mistake of not taking the main one, the A1C level, where it evaluates the three month value of the average of my blood sugars. I know on my last visit, I was around 9 something. Too high when the goal is to be around 6. And they forgot to check my thyroid levels as he had made an adjustment on that medication on my last visit too.

Still, we discussed the numbers that did show up on the lab:

My daily blood glucose level was showing 125 vs on the last visit, it being 177.

Blood pressure had dropped about 30 something points: from being in the 140's to being down to 110.

My triglycerides had an outstanding drop: from 250's down to 134.

And to him, I dropped just a couple of pounds from my last visit. Of course, my weight always yo-yo's so I'm ok with that.

I made him smile in my excitement of reading those great numbers. I yelped out "Whoo-Hoo!", because for me, it's a testimony that I'm actually doing something in the right direction.

He decided he'll get my A1C when I come back in October. Three months from now. If I continue on this journey of walking and sticking to watching what I eat and how much I eat, then I can't wait to see what my number will be then.

But as far as my mini-30 day challenge, I will see the pharmacology guy in about two weeks. That's when I want to take note of my weight. I started off at 207. Yesterday, I weighed in at 204. Not a big drop, but at least it too is going in the right direction. Whoo -Hoo!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My personal challenge

First off, Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone enjoys their family time and be safe while traveling and doing any outside activities.

I watched the weather report this morning and it seems like parts of Texas will have plenty of scattered rain showers all weekend long. Just what we need. Humid warm air as people spend time outside grilling, watching parades and enjoying 4th of July holiday activities. Our annual parade in Belton, a must see for plenty of Central Texas residents, is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. And when I awoke this morning at six a.m., it was raining. But now, at parade time, the skies are overcast and the air is sticky. I didn't make it to the parade even though our Safe Kids Van is being driven by one of my co-workers. She is our Injury Prevention coordinator for our hospital. I could have gone to support her, but I opted this morning to tend to me.

Recently, I joined a gym. Actually, it was about three weeks ago. And ten days ago, i began logging my activities/food diet on
I utilize this to keep my progress tallied. My starting weight is at 207. My blood sugars have been up over 200's for quite a long time. I've been living in denial too. It helps to have monthly visits with the pharmacology folks to monitor my diabetes. And finally, I have a guy I see to discuss things vs these skinny, young woman who are too lovely and may never have worries about a chronic disease. It might be their job to help me, but it's hard to take their advice. I can't sympathise and feel they judge me.

So after shuffling my appts, I landed seeing a guy. For the life of me, I can't think of his name, and yes, he's thin too, but his mannerism towards me is like, "lets see what we can alter or do to get these numbers down. Fill me on your foods you normally eat." And then he challenges me, "Try limiting red meat, breads, pasta as your triglycerides are up. Let's park further down on parking lots", "try walking 40 minutes per week".

It's like he's coaching me or being on my side. I like him. So, ok..the last challenge got me to thinking, I can do that. How easy! 40 minutes a week is nothing. I can do that at least 3 or 4 times a week. And for one month, I made an attempt to do it. I got it done only 3 days out of a whole month. Horrible. I was disappointed that I had failed this.. and failed him too. And then on my last visit with him, he explained to think about my high blood sugars like rocks in my system. The bang, bang, bang upon my vital organs, causing them to break down, tear down, and not work for me. All those little capillaries and nerve endings too. What a mental picture that made for me. I decided I would do something about it as I walked out the door at the end of the appointment.

I began to evaluate everything. My home life. My stress. My lack of commitment. And then I have one of my co-workers, who has budding diabetes, (which means she is suppose to manage with diet and exercise and takes minimal pills for it) who is in denial of her blooming weight gain. "As long as I'm healthy," she says, while grabbing a whole pint of ice cream from downstairs and eating it about an hour or two after we've eaten. And she had a lot of carbs for lunch. Through her, I can see myself and my own stupid denial. Her advantage is that she is about thirteen years younger than me, so there is time to make adjustments if she gets serious about it.

So, I decided to get serious. I would make myself a thirty day challenge. By the time I go back to see my pharmacology dude, I would strive to:

* Hit the gym three to four times a week.
* Increase my stamina on the treadmill.
* Watch my diet and use fitnesspal to keep tally on my carbs/fats/protein and most importantly, my calories.

I set my goal at around 1200 calories a day and 40 minutes of exercise per day, but I don't always make that. Sure I flub here and there as I make adjustments to my other commitments and to my meal plans. But I try not to skip but one day in between of getting exercise. If I eat one bad meal, then the next will be even better and on target.

Really, when you start seeing the amount of carbs/calories/fat grams one actually consumes, it is a real eye opener. I'm doing better lately. I do think I've lost five pounds so far and my blood sugars are finally hitting the normal ranges. I have lab and my regular doctor appointment on Wednesday and perhaps my recent workouts will make my lab values better, but I'm just starting out again. If they are not up to snuff, then long range, I have three more months before I go back to see my primary doc. In between, on monthly visits, I have my guy. I am in the mindset to make myself healthy again, the right way.

And just this morning, when I skipped going to the parade to concentrate on myself, I actually worked out for sixty minutes. And I did 3 miles on the treadmill. Whoo Hoo!!!

When I complete the initial thirty days, I will set more mini-goals. My long range goal is to be around 180 by the time my birthday falls in September. Wish me luck.