Sunday, March 1, 2009

Author to watch: Deirdre Kelley

In an effort to support my fellow authors- my friends who relate about the trials and tribulations of getting books noticed- I'm going to post on the sidebar a link to where you can buy their books. And perhaps get them to open up for an impromptu personal interview as well, but let's begin with the first author to showcase, shall we?

Let me say, its fun meeting other writers through other websites or writing groups. When the communication blooms and something warm and cozy builds up in your relationship, the spirit of support just quadruples. We are usually in the same boat, new authors swimming like little minnows in a huge ocean. Without support, we can drown or get eaten by a sea of bigger sharks that get tons more publicity. So why not spotlight a book if the message within is one worth sharing? Right?

My friend, Dee, is an exceptional woman, so it was easy for me to shine the spotlight her way. From the very first, she has always been warm and open about herself and her family. She's adjusted to many hardships, like a bad divorce, and being a single mother providing for her young troupers at home. Not an easy thing to achieve in these modern times, but with God's grace, she found true grit and perseverance. She had a strong upbringing about faith that helped her pull through difficult situations. In her debut novel, Peace In the Storm, she weaves a story about a woman going through similar hard circumstances:

"Amy Alexander's life changed in a way she could never have foreseen after her marriage ended. Fear became her companion when her ex-husband began threatening her children in a desperate bid for money to support his drug habit. While fighting emotional battles, Amy and her sons learn their strength is a prayer away. New relationships emerge and old ones are strengthened as they seek Peace in the Storm."

CH: Wow! The book sounds intriguing and exciting. How much of your own self do you put into Amy Alexander?

DK: I get this question anytime someone asks what the book is about. There is a fair amount of my experiences in this book. It’s what I have begun to call a “fictional autobiography.” I have three sons and I am also asked which of the two are in the book. It’s actually two sides of the same child that create the boys in the book.

CH: What inspired you to write? And how challenging is the book market in your efforts to publicize this book?

DK: I have wanted to write a book since I was a teenager, but I never thought I’d actually do it. I had read somewhere that a person has to write about something they know about. I know about divorce and single parenting so that part was easy. And my desire is that this book encourages single mothers and helps them find some hope in the midst of their despair. As far as marketing the book, it is extremely difficult for a new writer, especially one that has a tight budget. It takes time and money to promote a book, neither of which I have an abundance of. I have been relying on internet searches and good friends to help get the word out.

CH: How much of the book entails your own spiritual beliefs and if there is one strong message to share with the readers of this book, what would it be?

DK: My beliefs are deeply entwined into this story. Without my faith and God at my side, I don’t know if I would have made it and still have any sanity, or hair, left. For anyone going through difficult times, we have to put ourselves in his hands and believe that he has not just the capability but the desire for us to overcome and be strong in him. He loves us with an everlasting love even when we are at our worst and he doesn’t want us to stay in a pit of despair. He is our help in time of need.

CH: I'm sure you've grown in your writing skills since the conception of this book. What helps you to improve?

DK: I write a lot and share my writing with others. I consider their recommendations for improvement; they can often see what I’m too close to see as the writer. And I read a lot too, just for comparison.

CH: Any advice for the new novelists out there?

DK: Just write that novel and sent it out into the world. William P. Young (The Shack) is a new writer and he hit the bestseller’s list first time out. Not that many will have his success but you never know...

CH: Can we look forward to any future works?

DK: I’m working on a couple of things, not sure which one will develop into the next book. But I do plan on there being one.

I look forward to this. I do appreciate Dee for her participation in this impromptu interview. The goal is to push her books sales further along as she just got word from her publisher, Authorhouse, that the copies are shipping out great. So don't miss out on a story worth reading as she shares an important message. Buy your copy through the bookstore section at or just click on the book cover posted on the sidebar.

We both appreciate your support, so pass this on to all of your friends, to put this book on their reading list.