Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Chili Cookoff 10/30/09

Every year my job puts on a chili cookoff contest where employees can show off their best chili, dress up, and have some fun. Usually we hold it right before Halloween. This year, my department decided to enter it. Kelly is a wonderful cook so we asked her to prepare the chili. We all threw in ideas on a theme and decided upon Hillbillies. It was a natural fit for the people who make up our department for sure. I had my daughter go around taking pictures of all participants this morning before the festivities got underway.

Jerry, who dressed up as Pa, came in first place for the costume contest. I, dressed up as Grandma/ or Ma, came in 2nd. I have never won a costume contest, so this was quite an honor. Our chili, although very delicious, did not come in top dog, but there's always next year. And we are already thinking up ideas to improve our Hillabilly theme.

Someone's Cute Dog Mascot


Under Construction- So what was inside their building? MMMMM...


Take A chill Pill- cute costuming


Hmmm, Something very Fallish- Very creative I think:


Prehistoric Theme- Look! Those prehistoric women have clubs!!


Hey! They have a clothes hanging.. And hay! Are they copying us???


Aha! The Wizard of Oz theme.... Cool!


They are building a Saloon!!


Tailgaters- They are setting up terrific chili!!


Chili University- You all can learn how chili is done here! :)


And now my team's booth set up- The Hillbillies!!

Here's me, caring for those grandbabies. Even got one on my leg!

There's Pa:


All in All, we had terrific fun getting ready for the cookoff. I'll post more as I get em', ya hear? :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feeling proud of my daughter

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life sometimes gets either stagnant with leaving not much to talk about or it gets very busy, very fast. Then you just can't seem to catch up. October has just flown by for me very quickly.

Last week, we celebrated Kayla's 18th birthday. We had a party with just her friends in our back yard. The day before we set things up, it had rained. Luckily, the ground wasn't too soggy. We were able to set up about four tables and chairs with decorations. I recall the last time there was a party outdoors for Kayla, when she turned 16, it was at a park and it got very windy. This time around, was we set up decorations on the table, a slight breeze began to blow. By noon, the balloon weights didn't manage to hold down the balloons very well at all. Still, we managed.

The day turned warmer than expected and with kids leaving open soda cans out, it attracted some bees. What turned out funny was the background music we had playing was Michael Jackson's Beat It, and appropriately so, I was running around the yard with a fly swatter, "beating" them darn bees. The kids had the camera set to film me and they caught me attempting to dance to Thriller. A funny sight. The video is posted on Utube. Just look me up "Ladyauthor2b" to view it. The party was a success and much fun was had by all.

Now my household is gearing up for several things coming up, one being Halloween; then come November is my grandson's Ethan's birthday; then Thanksgiving. Where is the time going? The year is going so quickly.

And in the middle of the month, much to kayla's excitement, she will be heading to Georgia to visit her beau, Chris Trueblood. He's been in basic training for the Army Reserves. He left on September 1st, after being very much together for over a year. I figured the parting would be very difficult for them both. Much to my surprise, they've both been real troupers. I guess these kids have their goals set and are determined to reach them. Should they continue their relationship in the future, they both have a great start. Kayla has her eyes set in going to Temple college next year to begin freshman college classes. Her goal is to eventually go to a major university to become a psychologist, while Chris wants to use Army Reserve college money to study to be a kid pediatrician. I think these are worthy goals. And even if theirs should deviate from course, they at least have college to help them persue other activities. I'm proud of them both.

It's hard to see my little girl grow up, but it's a given that she is becoming quite a young lady. She shows much self responsibility and ethics. She works at Sonic and is pursuing working at the Transporation Department at the hospital as well. She will begin training sometime after the 24th, after she fills out paperwork and has orientation for the job. She plans to work helping transport medication and patients on weekends, going to school, and keeping her Sonic job.

Yesterday she had to line up for the Seniors Panoramic Group picture. While in line with her friend Liz, they both noticed another senior hanging out with a freshman. They watched in dismay they walk past everyone to line up on the bleachers. The freshman never left the line and was photographed with the rest of the Seniors. This made Kayla upset, naturally. For four years, she has waited to become a senior and enjoy all the privileges she has earned. Now with the group picture marred with a freshman within their midst, she came home feeling anxious about what she should do about it. Of course, she shared this with me first and I told her I would be happy to call the school about it in the morning, if she wished. And she volunteered to be called to the office to talk to the Principal about it. I was proud she stood up for what was right. Sadly, the print of the group shot was already sent to the high school right away, so there won't be a repeat done, nor is there time to digitally erase him from the photograph. Or at least I was told so. The assistant Principal's secretary did relay to me that the Freshman would be reprimanded appropriately. But this whole ordeal showed me that my daughter does have a sense of what's right and what's wrong. There are ethics and traditions that should be honored and upheld, and one should be strong enough to speak up for what's right.

I don't think I have any fear of what type of woman she will remain being in her future. I'm so proud now that she's my daughter. I guess through the years I did my job right after all. What more can I add to this but a broad smile.