Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Heat

The temperatures lately are in the mid-90's and already I'm scrambling to put on my window air conditioner units. I try to procrastinate as long as I can, but the humidity in the air is somewhat unbearable. My house is not geared to open up the windows if a breeze happens to flow. Plus I have animals that either want to escape out (the dogs) or want to escape in (the older cats). The cats had recent litters each (YIKES!) and when they got old enough, we managed to get rid of most but three. Well, actually we told Kayla she could keep one of the male kittens if she opted to get the older females fixed, plus the kitten. I had given two to the woman across the street, but she promptly let them outside again. So twice, they found their way back into my yard.I couldn't bare if they got accidently runned over by a car or chased by stray dogs, so they wound up in my home again. Then I find myself falling in-love with another kitten, because it is extremely furry and just lays anywhere to sleep- alot! I don't know if my hubby will be too keen in letting me keep it though. I've been trying to find them homes, but no luck so far. So they might end up going to the no-kill shelter soon. I've been procrastinating, but every morning, as they meow in unison for food, I know this must be done. I can't keep all of these animals. It's too much work and they need their own homes.

Adding insult to injury, last month's rain produced fleas in my back yard. I've treated it about four times already, with different chemicals and still they exist. It doesn't help how my neighbors on all three sides of me appear to have two to three dogs and don't treat their yards. I've not witnessed them outside spraying their perimeters with Spectracide. My poor small dogs endure baths twice a day it seem. Well pretty often, just to ensure they don't bring the little varmits in and I'm only letting them out long enough to do their business. They aren't staying out any longer than ten to fifteen minutes. Sigh. I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

We did fumigate my house mid-week when hubby and I stayed elsewhere for our anniversary and that helped out a lot. But I've got to win this battle. Hubby swears there is a powerful chemical to put on the grass that he can pick up at the local feedstore. And I'm all for that, but my question is when will he go do it? He's not the one bathing these dogs. I am!

Procrastination is a bad thing in a marriage. There comes a time for a woman when one must bite their tongue and when to cut it loose. However, if done continuously and too soon, the woman is percieved to be the big "B" word or a real nag.... and I hate when it's aimed at me. So right now, I'm binding my time and biting my toungue, waiting for my hubby to get off his touche and make that errand run to the feed store.. and to do all the countless other mini-projects so needing his attention. I do my share of the bill paying, grocery planning/shopping, errand running every single day without being told what must be done. Why can't he?? I think men have it somewhere stamped on their genes to be lazy, don't they??

So between the heat, the dog bathing, and procrastination, I'm going a little bonkers. And I've got a grad party to accomplish on Friday. I was hoping my hubby would put up the pool so the kids could swim. Well, I've volunteered to work tomorrow and he's got the day off for Memorial Day. Maybe while I'm gone, inspiration will hit, ya think???? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On the bright side, I had a recent visitor in my home this weekend. For about two years, Dee and I have been conversing on line in our little writing group on Cafemom, the Written Voice. We even co-authored the book produced for a charity, Our Written Voices. She didn't have major plans for the holiday and decided to take a road trip to meet me in person. Just me. WOW! I felt so honored and excited. I so hoped my hospitality made her feel comfortable as I introduced her to most of my family. I think the only one she missed meeting was my son, Keifer, who had to work and was off helping out one of his friends this weekend.

On Saturday nite, I took Dee out to the VFW to enjoy steak and karoake. My daughter, Tracy, and her family, joined us. We even got up to sing, which probably entertained Dee to no end. LOL. Karoake/steak/ and margaritas/and one tequila shot made for a fun evening. We had conversed about our families, our interest in writing, and about ideas for our online group. I found we had many things in common and we shared many hopes, ideals, and dreams. So much shared between us which just sealed our friendship further in friendship glue. I found her to be a delight, very smart, and a woman who has firm common sense about a lot of things, which was equally an eye-opener for me and very refreshing. I can't wait for us to get together again, for she is indeed a wise, wise woman and a remarkable individual. I need people like her around me for sure, to make me think, grow, and aspire to become. Yes, she is an awesome friend. :)


After breakfast this morning, she returned home. And I felt sad. Wished so much we lived closer, because I don't really have alot of good friends like her close by. I know acquaintances, but the connection Dee and I made on line is so strong, that I deem her to be a sister in my life. How better can feelings be for one person?

Not to leave anyone out, but I do feel this way for a few other individuals in our online group too; something strong which has built up over the last couple of years. It's my dream that one day I will get to meet them in person too. Or that we will all get together at a common local. Perhaps one day it will happen if I keep my fingers crossed on this too. :)

Of course, I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and has taken time to honor those who served our country. I believe most of the country had good weather. We finally got a break from the heat with an afternoon shower, which cooled things off for a bit; something refreshing and a needed break from early summer heat for sure.