Friday, August 27, 2010

Time in a bottle

Gosh, today was one of those you wish you could freeze time somewhat or put it in a bottle, as the song goes. I had a day off and the best part was having my daughter hang out with me. Kayla will be attending college come Monday, so today was like sharing the last day of summer; the last day of being a kid to becoming a young responsible adult. I enjoyed my time with her, talking, eating, laughing. i just wanted to freeze certain moments from today and store them into my memory forever. I'm going to miss the "kid" inside of her, but I know it will peak out from time to time. I luv it when she reverts to this little girl voice and squeaks out "MUMMY!!!" as to when she is pleading for something she wants; or just to get my attention sorely on just her alone. Ok, is she a little demanding?? LOL.

We worked out at the gym this morning and we started off on the elliptical machines. After we built up a sweat, we climbed down and tried some of the weight machines. Gosh! My arms are so weak! Now they feel like rubber and a bit sore from trying to maneuver them with the smallest of weights. Yes. The smallest. She wanted a gym membership so she can go on her own. Perhaps we can build up our muscles over time in the fall; not that I want to make them look like the women in Muscle magazines. LOL. Just enough to build up strength.

Afterwards, we cruised through the college parking lot, looking for her buildings where her classes will take place. At least she is getting this done now and not in the panic of trying to get to class on time.

We also had stopped by her high school to pick up her graduation DVD and her last year book. We flipped through the pages and found she's in it at least three times. yay! And she also got to stop by her English teacher's classroom while she was inside and read a section to her new students. How interesting? Kayla doesn't realize it now, but high school days will certainly be a fond memory for her.. at some point.. but not now. She just laughed today, as she was under dress with a spaghetti top, holding a hall pass to get to the office where her yearbook was at; and teachers looking at her like she's late for class or for going after her for improper dress code. She said, "I wanted to shout out, "I'M NOT A STUDENT!" but she held up her pass to them. Yes, all the struggles of high school is definitely behind her. For me personally, I am just glad she's out of the TISD public school system.

Afterwards we grabbed lunch, ate Mexican food, and then came home to hang out. I got a swim in the backyard pool while she played on my computer inside, just like the kid she always was before: tongue sticking out as she writes poems; reads fan fiction, and then scampering to my fridge to raid it. I'm going to miss this kid. My baby girl. But I'm looking forward to the woman she will become. Hellooo Temple College!

Update on my weight loss project: This past Wednesday, I had my check up. I had lost five more pounds!Whippee! So I've lost almost ten pounds since I've started going to the gym. I still have a long way to go, but I'm not giving up yet. Every thirty days is a new challenge for me. My next appt will be on September 22nd. :)

Kaching! Kaching! Me and Brucie will be heading out Sunday to go to Marksville Lousianna. We will stay over night at a lovely hotel and casino. (No, the pic on the left isn't it; just a picture of a game table )

Of course it takes about seven hours to get there by bus and we will leave early Sunday morning and be back late on Monday. I can't wait to go. This is our second trip to this place and I've heard they have made some remodeling renovations since our last visit. I hope I have time to take a few pics. it's just nice to get away from it all sometimes and every year, near our September birthdays, we do this for ourselves; our own treat. I hope we come back with a little money in our pockets, so wish us luck. My son will stay home to housesit and take care of my babies (Tiny, Bella, and Chico; plus the two cats outside! :)

Wow! out of the blue I had an email from the director of our public library. they had some remodeling going on too. Their unveilment of this will be the first weekend in October and they wanted to invite local authors to do a book signing. I have two books on display there right now. i've got a third book co-written with authors from my writing group i could also showcase. And with any luck, perhaps the 3rd book of my series will finally be written. I need to hurry and get it done! And so I'm editing again! I sure hope I can pull this off. The good thing will be that my name will be in the local paper. Do I feel like a minor celebrity or what?

Well I hope those who follow this continue to stay well. Hugs to you and your families. I apologize for the late blogging, but the older I get, the more my time snowballs me away from the computer. LOL. Take care.