Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Signing at my local library

In my hometown, our public library went through renovations during the past few months. The area will open up to the public on Sunday, October 3rd. I, along with some other local area authors, have been invited to this, to do a book signing of my books, or to just be there to speak one on one to the public visiting the facility. I am very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to putting out a little home town press about my pastime hobby. I would say it could be a career, but my books weren't meant to be the next "Daniele Steel's". Still I put a lot of energy and time into my hobby, when I don't slow down to life's little bumps. i am also invested through an online writing group which has helped me grow as a writer. I'm far from perfect, but through this collaboration, I've learned a lot. Its my hope, that by meeting the public and other authors at this function, we might be able to produce a writers club locally. To me, to be involved with different caliber of writing talent, would be another chance to improve on the craft I love so well.

As I get more details about the book signing, I will post it here later.