Sunday, October 3, 2010

Library Renovation ceremony with local author book signing

The Temple Public Library recently had some major remodeling done and today marked the official showing of all the updates. Along with this was a ribbon cutting, where our mayor, along with other dignitaries, lined up, gave speeches and cut the ribbon with a giant pair of scissors. There was also a children's dance ceremony and an author's book signing.

It was officially my first book signing. Ironically it wasn't one of my own romance suspense books on display. Instead I proudly showed off the book, Our Written Voices - the book collaboration done with fellow authors from the Cafemom group, The Written Voice. Along with the books, I offered business cards and bookmarks.

It was interesting to see how other authors displayed their books and what tokens they offered their potential customers. One put out a dish of hard candy and had box displays to hold up their books in a handsome visible style. Several toted their supplies within pull along luggage. One author, very gifted indeed, not only displayed her books but offered a CD of her own guitar music, which I quickly bought. Another dressed up in fashion of a woman of the early 1900's, as her children's books are based in that early time period.

I traded one of my books with a gentleman who was from Iran, a convert of Muslim faith to Christianity. I can't wait to read the book he offered. There were some authors I didn't get to meet personally, but I think the festive occasion was a great time to bring us together. I had a great time and learned a lot. Mostly I found that I could muster up the confidence to speak publicly, making my sales pitch about the book. I had some interests, but a lot were casual lookers more interested in all of the festivities. Still, I chalk up this book signing as valuable experience. It's my hope another opportunity will present itself again in the near future.

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