Sunday, March 20, 2011

The rising of a super moon

This past Saturday night, we had a full moon. Not an ordinary moon for it was deemed a Super moon. It moved closer to the earth so it either gave off an appearance of being really big or being very bright. I did watch it rise from my front porch and didn't think it any extra-ordinary. Lovely it was and very bright. You can't help but think of the Omnipresence when viewing something so beautiful and un-worldly.

I wondered if someone across the oceans had viewed it before me (or afterwards)that sat in the wake of some earthly disaster. Did they shiver in the cold and wish for it to warm them? Did they yearn for the Master upstairs to give them hope and free them from sickness or starvation? Man has seem so helpless trying to deal with their recent suffering. I feel for the people of Japan that have been left feeling so abandoned in their suffering and plight.

What is weird to me is to see the reporters speak of them as if they are like aliens from another planet. Why aren't they bringing in water and food instead of cameras? Why aren't they finding a way to bring them medicine and blankets? If the reporters can get in to the disaster areas then why can't humanitarian efforts to help them? It's just beyond me. I sat and watched a few videos the other night of these people caught by surprise of the Tsunami that rushed in their villages and ransacked their livelihoods. It was heartbreaking to see all the destruction, to wonder about all the animals and humans who were sucked into the rapid rising waters of destruction. These images are fleeting to me but they will never leave my mind. For those who experienced such things will find it never leaves their souls.

It's also odd how they sit and wait in such chaos when only a few hundred miles perchance civilization as they once knew it still exists. There are Japanese people with homes, water, food, shelter and modern day technologies. Why aren't they doing something to help their brethren?

Perhaps they are and I just don't know it. The media only shows what they will us to know about, right? I pray that the Japanese get the help they deserve and soon. I hope we learn from the triple strike to their nation. I truly believe there is someone upstairs rolling the dice for when mother nature will strike, just to remind us that we are not always in control of this planet called earth. Somewhere, he is watching to see what we do for our humanity. I just hope we learn our lessons deep from times of tragedy and do justice for the people caught in such destruction.

For the present, that night I watched a a full moon rise and was grateful for my blessings. At least I can write about it, while feeling full from my evening meal; feel quenched from the fresh water I drank; and slept soundly in my warm bed.

Yes, I did utter many prayers upon the moon..for that someone staring at it too, far away in a distant land ...that soon... very soon....they would be rewarded with these simple comforts again.