Friday, July 10, 2015

Three years Gone

The last time I accessed this account seems to be three years ago. That's a very long time to be away. Writing used to be a passion, something I tried doing as a hobby. Then life got in the way as I pursued college, worked full time, and supported my youngest children leaving the nest. They still haven't earned their full wings, but I really wish they would. I have retired from my employer of 25 years and am now working from home part time. It's very nice to have that luxury, but I miss seeing people every day. Except for my hubby, who is home with me due to losing his job last summer. At least he gets his monthly VA check to tie us over, so it hasn't been a bad thing at all. He has time to get to those pesky home projects. And now I have time again to think about writing. I have a new manuscript being developed, The Groundsman. Its a story revolving the turn of the century, between a man keeping up with the grounds of a manor and the woman he falls in love with who is in a wheelchair. There is a time when he has to leave her, due to dire circumstances, and this particular part is difficult. I have to review and research information during the turn of that century, when the railroad was the way to travel across country, when electricity began to filter into homes and businesses, when California began to build up their cities. Other than this, I love the story interaction in the romance. I hope to get this project done by fall. The other thing I need to do is finish The Cross Passage Series. These books are self-published and there are two more manuscripts to edit. From a friend, I have discovered google docs and love the simple way I can edit the work. Perhaps I can get these done by fall and winter. That is my goal now. To get back to these, finish them, and move on to new creative projects. I want to pick up on my hobby where I left off. And to continue with this blog with a fresh outlook. Wish me luck.